Frequently Asked Questions – Security Tips

  • Never reveal you online banking user ID, and/or password to anyone or leave it in a conspicuous place
  • Use a complex password when accessing your online banking
  • Use the Exit button to end each online banking session. Do not use the Back button to exit the site.
  • Balance your account on a regular basis, discrepancies are easier to find if you balance regularly
  • Never reveal your debit card PIN number
  • When you use your debit card, never let it out of your sight
  • When you are swiping your debit card, make sure the terminal you are using doesn’t appear to be tampered with
  • The IRS will NEVER contact you by phone. If you get a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, hang up. Do not give them your account or personal information.
  • If someone one calls you unsolicited saying they are from computer support and need to access your computer to fix it, do not give them your computer password or any personal information. This is a scam to lock your computer and possibly steal information.
  • Be suspicious of emails asking for sensitive information. If you are not expecting an email from someone needing important information, disregard it, or follow up with a phone call.